A bit about us.

When it comes to solving IT challenges using the world’s most advanced information and communication technology (ICT) products and services, togehter with the skills and experience of exceedingly commited talent, you get something rather special: Pika Software.

Founded in 2009, Pika Software (Pty) Ltd. is a passionate team of software engineers and web developers. Strategically spread across four continents, we pride ourselves on being innovative, professional and cost effective. Our streamlined approach means you are always working with a lead creative.

We operate a flexible working practice and contract in proven specialist freelancers as and when a job requires. This allows us to expand our facility as necessary without creating large overheads and therefore, more of your budget is spent on the project's work. Pika Software's success stems from positive working relationships, with each other and our clients.

Our people are our strength.

It is through the power of our people, led by a dedicated, knowledgeable and highly experienced executive team that we continue to create technology-based business solutions that meet the information management needs of today and the future.

We intend to consistently exceed expectations.

We take great pride in our strong management, proven solutions and a vision for the delivery of ICT services.

Our customers have always been our primary focus, and in the future, we will continue to focus on providing excellent, effective and innovative solutions that strengthen and improve our clients' businesses.


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