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Our Approach

We, here at Pika Software, tackle the problem of quality software development in a unique way. No one knows the app you want built better than yourself. Which is why we resolve to give you the tools to assemble your ideal app without compromising the professional expertise required to produce a complex Windows application.

The result of more than eight years' research and development results in our award winning Pika Software Builder. Pika allows you to build your ideal Windows app without having to worry about heavy handed programming that is required to develop useful and effective applications.

Pika does this by allowing you to:
- Design your application's interface and forms, adding and removing windows and components at the click of a button.
- Add a set of standard and common functions to your programs.
- And best of all - giving you the ability to add custom functions to you programs. Custom functions (or modules) are a break-through innovation in the realm of software development as they allow your work to be supplemented by professionally coded modules that enrich your application with abilities you wouldn't even begin to imagine.

How does this compare to regular outsourcing?
When you are quoted a fixed amount, do you know where and what your money's going towards?
Well with Pika Software Builder there's no guessing, you pay only for results. Because you pay for any extra/custom functionality you may wish to add to your application, you stay in control of your project's spending. It's like having your own expert partner rather than outsourcing the whole project and paying ridiculous overhead expenses in the process.

Here's how it works:
1. When you need to add a custom function to your application, simply select "Perform a Custom Function" when adding a new job.
2. From here you describe exactly what your function should do.
3. Click on 'OK' to send the function in for development.

4. Within 24 hours, your function will be assigned to a developer and work begins.
5. Once the developer completes the function, its status changes to 'Done' in Functions window pictured below.